In order to bid on an item you must first register with the Blooming Auction.  Log in using your registered user name & password.  Remember the auction is case sensitive. You must
"log in" using  small letters, not capitals. 

If you have found an item you would like to bid on.  Click 
on the Bid Icon or scroll down to the bottom of the page. 
The current price, the bid increment and the minimum bid
will be shown.  In the text field enter your maximum bid - 
or proxy bid.

What is a proxy bid? 

A proxy bid is another way of  saying "maximum bid." 
Basically you enter the most you would be willing to pay
and as other users bid on the item, the Auction will
automatically bid for you again all the way up to the amount
of your proxy bid.  If no one else bids, you will win the auction
at your lowest bid not at the highest bid you entered.

What does "reserve" mean?

A seller may wish to put a reserve price on an item.  This means that the item will not sell until the current price equals or goes over the reserve price amount.

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Updated: 3/7/2007