A:  Feedback can be left by clicking the "leave feedback" button on any closed auction page.  Feedback on this auction site is item specific.  One feedback comment for each successful transaction can be left.  Only the two users involved in the transaction can leave feedback for each other. 

To leave feedback, users must be logged in.  Closed auctions (displaying the feedback button) can be found by searching the item #, clicking on the item # in feedback which has been received, or by viewing closed items on the "My Auction" page.


Feedback can be a very important tool for you to use when buying or selling. 

Each user is given a feedback rating based on the # of positive and negative comments they receive from other user's as they buy and sell.

They get +1 point for a positive feedback, -1 point for a negative feedback, and 0 points for a neutral one.  Be sure to check a user's feedback before bidding on an item to make sure they are trustworthy.

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