May 1, 2006

There is a forum attached to this auction site, but need someone who would enjoy running it. I just don't have the time.  If anyone would be interested, contact me at 

I want to take a minute and Thank Mr Steve for his continuing help with this auction program,  Yes, Steve I do notice &  appreciate your changes etc.  .  Thank You.!

Recipes:  I notice that the WNC Daylily Club had some interesting daylily recipes in their April's newsletter.  Everyone tells me that daylilys are eatable but haven't tried them yet. 

Seller's check the "Billing" section for any updates. 

There is an Ecard program which is working.  Auction "skins" are in the works.

If anyone needs a graphic done for their store.  Email we would be happy to make you one. "M" 

Happy Gardening! 

ps:  Have you noticed that as you get older the weeds seem to grow faster .  ~!~

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