In order to sell an item you must first register with the Blooming Auction.

What is Home Page Featured? 

Home Page Featured is the highest amount of visibility you
can get for your item.  It is pooled together with the other home featured items and selected randomly to be shown on
the main page of the auction. 

What is Gallery?

In order to be listed in the gallery you must enter a valid picture url when adding your item.  It is a different way to view items, showing their pictures first.  Many users like to shop this way and it gives your item more exposure.

What is Highlight and Bold Listing?

Simply put these options attract more attention to your item listings.


We have enabled the stores feature in our program.  Stores are easy to open. All your listed items will be seen in your chosen category as well as in your store.  You will need two images one a thumbnail 
approximately 80 x ..,  and the other whatever size image you feel you want for your store.  This image will be seen at the top of each of your store's pages. 

(If you aren't happy with your image after uploading, they can be changed.) 

To open a store:  Click on the "my auction" button and log in.

Below the "Hello ...." You will see 7 smaller icons . Click on the " shopping cart store icon" not the larger one that looks like a cash register. 

This will take you to another page. 
Here you will enter your Store Title . Next - the larger of the two pictures, and finally the thumbnail image (smaller one).

Below you can choose to write something about your store or yourself, or not. (your option)

"Check" in the "Enable My Store" block &  and lastly, click  the "Save" Button.  The auction program will do the rest. 

Cost:   For the present time there is no charge to use the Blooming Auction.  No Gallery, No Image, No Final Value Fees.  This will be in effect till the end of February at least - if not longer.    Any changes will be listed in the Billing feature.


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